One Child Education One Donor

Children are the precious bridge between the past and the future. We have them with us for several years and during that time have the opportunity to teach, support, nurture, and inspire them as they mature and set out upon life on their own terms. We all need inspirations from each-other to see the world more beautiful and successful. We believe the world can be way better If every capable human being donates the educational fund to a child who is in need. It is a rational decision to implement for our own future generation. A child psychology is unique and complex, all they need is admiring love and a suitable path to walk on. No-one can change the nature but we might able to change the nurture according human’s need. Therefore, we as Tukee Foundation named on a hope to light up into some-others life. After step by step research and it’s evaluation we came into a conclusion that a child can be a responsible and capable rational citizen if he or she can get academic education while helping around their own family and within it’s culture and society. Arguably, an NGO’s ability to manage its relationship with its funder is an indicator of its overall efficiency and effectiveness and therefore we maintain the high standards of accountability in the relationship between the donor and donee. Mainly, we are provoking to the national citizens to fund the education of children. Especially, we are giving priorities to a donor who holds the capacity to fund a child’s full educational expenses. We wisely understand the financial limitation of Nepalese therefore we named the project “One Child Education One Donor”. The aim of the project is also to introduce the donor and donee as much as possible transparent way so the student will be inspired with a good manner.

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